TMB Printing specialises in cheque printing and MICR encoding all over Australia. For the last 30+ years TMB has been one of the top chosen suppliers for clients directly and other trade printers because of our precision, turnaround time and expertise with meeting the required cheque standards. 

We are registered with the Australian Payments Network and have a 100% evaluation rate with meeting the Australian Paper Clearing System requirements every time. As an accredited supplier who regularly prints for State Government providers and other Australian businesses we can guide you through the art/design procedures and apply for bank authority on your behalf. We print with the required security inks, sensitised paper and MICR encode with specialised magnetic ink - there is no room for error and we are known for getting it right with efficiency every time.

If you require cheques with MICR encoding or even just the encoding service, we can deliver as per your needs. Contact us for a quote today!

bank cheque with MICR encoding
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